El Camös, the innovative bike entirely made of carbon

The new start-up El Camös created it thanks to to the collaboration with ACS (Advanced Composites Solutions)

October 11, 2021

Exclusive, amazing performance, innovative design and functions. A new, unrivalled star has arrived to the world of Cross Country and Marathon. Besides a registered design and three patent applications filed, the bike features a unique layout and a top-quality 'Made in Italy' material-carbon, that serves its amazing performance. The name of the bike is El Camös 00, and the company that created it is a new innovative start-up called El Camös, which will make a big splash in the industry.

Behind this newly established company - founded on 23 July 2021 to be precise - are three men that have been 'living and feeding' on their passion for dirt roads and two wheels for decades: Edoardo Ferrari, a sculptor and well-known designer in the world of cycling, Mirko Pirazzoli, a champion and professional biker boasting twenty years' experience in the study and development of special products for mountain biking, and Alberto Martinelli, a visionary entrepreneur who has turned a small business into a leading company in the sector. Three different souls- a creative one, a technical one, and an entrepreneurial one- yet highly complementary, who decided to anticipate the future and market trends with a unique product that is, from birth, at the top of the range in the market of muscle MTBs and e-Bikes.

«This bike has a unique physical structure», says Edoardo Ferrari. Going beyond certain constraints imposed by traditional rules has always been a challenge for me, just like overcoming the triangular shape- which certainly has advantages but puts limits to sizes and poses manufacture difficulties to a composite material such as carbon. That is the reason why I have always modified and somehow distorted that shape in the bikes that I have designed over the years. Today, thanks to the materials and the technology we have available, we can make the most of the single beam frame and this Y shape that makes the bike highly efficient, light, rigid and aesthetically unique».

El Camös 00 with its single beam frame and an original Y shape - that can be seamlessly adapted to the e-Bike version - is a 100% Made in Italy product. The MTB has been entirely made of carbon thanks to the collaboration with ACS (Advanced Composites Solutions), a leader in the sector that has chosen to work exclusively with El Camös for the cycle segment, and features a unique layout and suspension systems, an exclusive and compact linkage system, maximum mass centralisation and a double-sided swingarm.

«When you reach some level of knowledge, you no longer want to buy a bike- you want to create it», explains Mirko Pirazzoli. «So, together with Edoardo Ferrari, whom I have known for decades because he designed the bike I used when I won the European Championship, we created this new model that is truly avant-garde in terms of geometry, design and technology. Its uphill performance, in particular, exceeds that in other models in the segment in terms of balance and pedalling efficiency. The front section is longer, with a more open steering angle- something we 'borrowed' from Enduro, its cousin cross-country segment-, and this results in an amazing bike performance. It is a perfect mix between the two worlds».

The muscle MTB was presented at the Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships: Capoliveri Legend Cup - World Edition. A presentation that was also unique. Hanging inside in a cage as if in an installation, the bike was exhibited in its essence: a technology masterpiece. The target group identified by the company is clear: all those who love beauty and demand maximum performance. And El Camös 00 is just that: beautiful, technically impeccable, and superior to others. These qualities are also readily appreciated by the fact that the bike keeps the natural colour of carbon, which makes it minimalist but also customisable.

«The exclusivity of this product also lies in the unique services that will come with it», explains Alberto Martinelli. «We intend that El Camös has exclusive points of sale, and that the purchase experience itself is unique too. We will organise test drives with professional athletes, and we will immerse buyers in the most beautiful areas, because cycling also means experiencing the surroundings. We also want the best in service, 100% customer-focused. We will accompany them throughout all the stages of the buying process- pre & after sales- and meet their every need».

El Camös is aiming really high: the goals are many and already well defined. The company will manufacture the 00 musclebike model in the first year, but like the layout so foretells, the e-Bike is currently being developed. In this segment, the '00 E' model has been already materialised. Just by looking at the musclebike, the launch into the e-Bike world will not take long: the electric version is prompt, fast, beautiful and patented.

In the photo, from left to right, Mirko Pirazzoli, Alberto Martinelli, Edoardo Ferrari and the Ceo of Advanced Composites Solutions, Roberto Catenaro

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