Quality control and laboratory

ACS focuses much of its energy on the quality of processes and production, considering it essential to offer its customers the rigor and safety of certified activities.

Our quality management is able to check materials and manufacturing tools as well as undertake control process qualification and certification, dimensional control and nondestructive testing. Our quality control is in according to customers standards.

Equipments for quality check and lab:

  • Antropometric CMM laser scan
  • Dolphicam – Ultrasound Imaging for multi-material NDT
  • CMM measuring machines (Dea Global Advantage 5000X2000x1500, Poli TCX 3000X2000X1000)
  • 1 photoscanner (GOM ATOS compact scan)
  • Ut portable tester/NDT according to ISO-FDIS 9712 (Olimpus Epoch 600)

CMM laser scan

CMM Laser scan

Dolphicam – NDT

Dolphicam – NDT