ACS launches an extraordinary recruitment plan

The selection of expert laminators and finishers has begun, it is expected there will be 50 new entries in a year and a half to meet the growing demand from automotive and aerospace customers

March 28, 2023

ACS (Advanced Composites Solutions) Srl has launched an extraordinary recruitment plan for the Tortoreto production site following the awarding of important contracts (medium and long-term) from leading customers in the international market.

Within a year and a half, approximately 50 new specialized and expert employees are expected (30 laminators and 20 finishing operators). Once their trial period has passed, they will be hired on a permanent basis.

The selections, already underway for the profile of the laminators, are part of the broader development program called "ACS 2026 Best Class Manufacturing". This is a plan based on the professional growth of each individual worker as well as on the principles of sustainable production which is waste-free and quality-oriented.

"In recent months we have grown rapidly”, says the engineer Roberto Catenaro, founder and managing director of the company.”In addition,and also thanks to a strategy based on production excellence, recognized on the basis of international certifications, there is an increase in orders from important companies, especially in the automotive and aerospace sectors, and expanded our range of action from Europe to the United States”. “We do not like the word employee and we prefer to call those who share this adventure and growth with us associates”. “In exchange for this, we offer a dynamic and participatory work environment and the consolidation of an already existing meritocratic system".

As regards the ongoing selection and those that will follow, to apply for the positions, it is necessary to fill in the appropriate form in the "Work with us" section of the company website at the address Candidates should supply their data and insert their complete curriculum vitae authorizing the processing of personal data. Job offers are also regularly published on the company's social profiles.

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