What we do

ACS produces composite products in carbon fiber, glass fiber and aramid, working for important brands and companies in the following sectors: automotive, aerospace, marine, transport, civil protection, building, design and interior design.

In general, ACS provides advice and assistance for any type of project that, through the processing of composites, requires the use of light complex materials or the lightening of structures, from design to the supply of pre-packaged products.

Cutting machine


ACS designs and manufactures extremely resistant, flexible and ultralightweight composite materials, which until today were used mainly in the aeronautics and automotive sectors.

The advantages of carbon fiber are all in performance (4 times lighter than steel, 2 times lighter than aluminum and able to reach very high specific strength and stiffness values).

The manufacturing process uses both traditional technologies (autoclave, vacuum bag) and innovative methods (molding with presses) that speed up production.


Equipments and technology:

  • Assist Bullmer cutting machine (equipment is operating in controlled environment area)
  • 20°C cell room for storage with electronic controlled temperature + nearby cold room for controlled defrosting
  • Electrical Autoclave 2.8 x 6.30 mt
  • Electrical Autoclave 1.4 x 4 mt
  • Electrical oven up to 250°C
  • Sandblasting equipment
  • Finishing benchs
  • Electrical oven finish


ACS focuses on carbon fiber because it represents a material whose application possibilities are still unexplored and the chances of lowering the cost of the process are considerable and directly proportional to the investments that are made.

Our company chooses carbon fiber and composite materials in general because they will be key players in the profound change that, in the automotive sector, sees vehicles with internal combustion engines increasingly supplanted by electric vehicles.

ACS has the know-how, technologies and the drive to meet any production requirement for composite materials.


Our quality management can check materials and manufacturing tools and also can take under control process qualification and certification, dimensional control and nondestructive testing. Our quality control is in according to customers standards.

Equipments for quality check and lab:

  • Antropometric CMM laser scan
  • Dolphicam – Ultrasound Imaging for multi-material NDT

ACS has reached the target of ISO 9001: 2015.

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